My name is…

What is in a name? Have you ever taken the time to research the meaning of your name. If not, I challenge you to take a few moments and conduct a name search. I really believe that our names has meaning. These definitions could signify our identity and bring an explanation to our actions.
I love to search for the meaning of peoples names. There are times where I will search for the meaning of others names because it allows to see if the person is living up to their true identity. Granted there may be some names where the person does not want to live up. In that case, it is
my belief that a person can change their actions to reflect the identity that they want to be known by.
One day, I found that the name Deborah means “Bee“. Deborah was also a heroine and prophetess in the old Testament book of Judges in the bible. From these definitions, I find that I match many of the characteristics.

  • I am a busy person.
  • I love the adventure of moving throughout the land.
  • I am very curious and enjoy asking multiple questions.
  • I am a leader that enjoys helping others.
I am happy to bee me.

Helen Hunt Jackson quotes “Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; Each to his passion; what’s in a name?”
I challenge you to do a word search on your name. What did you find? Does the meaning of your name reflect your destiny? Does it match up to who you portray yourself as being? If not then you may have some work to do. The value of self-discovery becomes the stepping stone that will
take you towards pursuing your destiny.

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