About Me

Be Empowered! These are words that I did not live by for many years. I recall there being times that I felt like a nobody. I really believed that my existence did not matter. Having these thoughts kept me from reaching my destiny. After working on myself for many years, I learned what is needed to be empowered. One day I woke up to realize that if I see myself as a nobody, others will also. I had to take the steps of trusting the process, being kind to myself and having faith while putting one foot in front of the other as I walked down the journey of self-discovery. This helped lead me to becoming an empowerment coach and help many on their journey of self-discovery. 

Everything I am now, is because of my belief in God. My name is Deborah Armstrong. I am the owner of Armstrong Empowerment Coaching. I like to describe myself as of woman of many passions, but my greatest passion is found in my work of helping others to abandon their low self-esteem as they travel towards their destiny. In addition, I have served as social worker, advocate for women, motivational speaker, minister, social justice activist, trainer, author, podcaster and student. I am a lifelong learner that enjoys learning techniques to help others.  I have been described as a trendsetter, dedicated, trustworthy and a woman with hefty dreams.

Early on in my life I defied many milestones others thought I couldn’t.  To begin with I am the first woman of color that started a domestic violence program in my home town. I have spent time training others how to start a nonprofit agency. As a domestic violence advocate, I have had to pleasure to venture out to coach women in the penal systems. I was the first woman on my maternal side to obtain a 4-year college degree. However, my greatest achievement is my three wonderful children and two curious grandchildren.


Feedback & Reviews

“Thank you for your work, it literally saved my life. “

Maria H.

Domestic Violence Survivor

“No one was more dedicated to helping me achieve my goals and live a better life than Ms. Deborah.”

Sierra B.

Office Administrator

“Thank you for being so kind and helpful. You made me see things in a way that I never saw them before.”

Sarah H.


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