Armstrong Empowerment Coaching

What does it mean to be empowered?


Self Discovery

When you discover yourself, you can become more confident. 



Courage helps you to stop numbing your pain and emotions.



Strength requires you to embrace your destiny and put your plan into action.



Inspire others to want to be in your presence and increase your self-awareness while achieving your dreams.



It is important to learn to accept you for who you are.



Passion allows you to fulfill your dreams.



Having confidence lets you show people who you are. 



Development is learning about what makes you who you are.

About Me

I’m Deborah Armstrong.
I empower women to pursue their dreams.

Empowerment is my life story. It can be yours too…

When a person becomes sick and tired of being sick of tired, they have the chance to open their universe to many transformative patterns that can blossom into opportunity.

We All Need help with improving our Self Discovery, Courage and Strength.

Client reviews

“Thank you for your work, it literally saved my life. “

Maria h.
domestic violence survivor

I hated my life, I was physically and verbally abused most of my childhood. Coach Deborah made me realize that I do not have to live my past.

mary p.
executive director

I encountered many painful situations early in life. My parents divorced, I was raised in a single-parent home, my father had passed away in my teen years, I became involved in relationships that caused me emotional harm. After many sessions with Deborah, I realized that I was not doing anything productive with my life. I learned to focus on what brings me joy.

sarah h.

"I found myself fixing everyone but me. Guess what, I needed help also. I found a coach who listened and understood my method of life destruction. After coaching sessions with Deborah, I have found the power to pursue a job that I did not feel qualified for."

patti s.
mental health tech