Replacement is My Reward

I happened to be watching a sitcom that was speaking about the complexity in heterosexual relationships. The male actor said “my mother taught me that where one won’t, another will”. Not knowing the full context of this statement; I became upset and immediately though how dare this mother say that women are replaceable, After reflecting I realized that this statement is presented as word being tossed before others without a clear directive. Instead of becoming defensive, judgmental, and trying to analyze the terminology. I have decided to take the platform to speak about the power of being replaced.

I do not ignore that individuals are being hurt from being replace. There are many categories that the hurt can fit into, but we need to acknowledge that all humans are replaceable. As adults we have either read, heard, or encountered being replaced. This can come in the form of being replaced by the addition of another child, pet, co-worker, a new marriage, loss of a job, and church community.

Let’s break it down internally. Dealing with a complex oriented relationship that heightens the thought of being replaceable can take on down a dark corridor. These words “where one won’t another will” regulate our mindset to become a target which enhances our emotions to focus on our weakness and insecurities. These emotions are brought forth by past memories or trauma that we have encountered. Then we rationalize the emotions by recognizing that hurting people hurt others. Guilt follows the statements by indicating that a failure has erupted, and it is our fault. We need to stop this complexity by giving it the power to ruin our lives and self-perceptions.

Being replace is subjective and based on other’s perceptions. Newsflash being replaced welcomes the opportunity to get to know you true self. Take a self-inventory of your value. As a woman I am inviting you to stop identifying yourself based on perceived thoughts from others. Instead let’s replace the term as a “reflection of royalties”. Our royalty is defined in the faithfulness of the time that you spend on caring for your inner and outer beauty. Make your decision that value your time and commitment and enter a relationship that spoils you as the Queen in the home. Give yourself permission to exert your power. Take the time to grow and discover your happiness. Your royalty allows you to choose who needs to be a part of your inner circle. Living with your royalty indicates that you can begin treating yourselves as human not an object.

We tend to take those experiences and images and we can use them to create a game plan that shows our value to others. In many cases we change our appearance, dress, personality, and thoughts. We desire to seek out friends, family, mediums, prophets, or elders. Their words can often be used as an affirmation of positivity in our lives. We do seek advice from other people but at the end we are all human. We need to recognize that all people are seeking approval from someone.

Instead of operating from an upside-down interpretation of your identity, I am challenging women throughout the globe to gather around others and shout from the top of their lungs “YES, I AM REPLACEABLE”. These words should be echoed by the women that have been mistreated. Experiencing physical and mental abuse, financial bankruptcy, betrayal, or having been left at the altar. Being replaceable are words that we can adapt towards our destiny. Saying, no longer will I degrade myself just to appease your inner longings. Changing our gears on how we value ourselves will establish healthy internal boundaries. Reactivate your presence in this world by desiring to follow your intuition instead of your emotions. I challenge you to reflect on the power of being replaceable.

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