Manifestations of a Spotlight

Being Under the Spotlight Exposes the Small Details

Recently, I was listening to an artist singing about being in someone else’s spotlight. She expressed the frustration of not being able to escape the presence of her partner. When he was not in her presence, he would often call her. She told him that she was tired of being in his spotlight and wanted to breathe.

Although my focus is on the spotlight that we often encounter, this blog will highlight the definition of the word microscope as the analogy to speak about being in someone’s spotlight. A microscope is designed to examine objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. This helps your marvel at the small details and all the beauty possessed within the item. Being under someone else’s spotlight is a multidimensional issue that affects mental, spiritual, environmental, and self-discovery health. Let’s begin.

Mental Health

Shining the spotlight on an individual is quite awkward. The awkwardness tends to collapse by the recognition that the individual is standing naked in the center of a huddle. With all of their shortcomings exposed. This creates a strong hold on one’s psyche. Trying to live up to others expectations can lead to the person exhibiting anxiety, depression, and sadness.

The mental health criteria linger in knowing that there is a group of individuals looking at our naked bodies. This is utter disrespect and leads to embarrassment. It places us in a vulnerable place. Our thoughts tend to resonate with this belief. Causing us to see our flaws and imperfections as reality. 

In reality, the beauty of being exposed is valuable because the person no longer has anything to hide. Another benefit includes being aware that there are three types of people in the room; naysayers, validators, and acceptors. Now let us change your internal limiting belief to that of knowing that two thirds of your audience has validated you. Stay focused as you pursue your dreams in knowing that your flaws are the necessary building blocks to help you reach your destiny. 

Spiritual Health

Many people receive their spiritual guidance from e-church, fellowshipping, and attending church buildings. We listen to messages that tell us how to react and treat others. The spotlight dims our eyes because we begin to focus on the person speaking and not on the person who lives the word. We fail to notice that the person that is telling us how to react in certain situations may be counterfeit and unable to live the same example based on specific biases.

For me I find listening to these messages tend to heighten the spotlight on my flaws. They indicate that I am not perfect. This motivates me to create a goal to strive towards. Striving to be perfect is like a drug addict that is looking for that grandeur high. Not to burst your bubble, neither person will feel validated because perfection is an illusion. In my attempt to please others, I realized that I am not perfect. The reason why I believe this statement is because being perfect signifies a person becoming a robot. A prime example would be the women in the movie Stepford Wives.  

I have come to the recognition that God shines the spotlight on diversity, differences, and for many to live the destiny that he has placed in their hearts. A good friend many years ago taught me a valuable lesson. She stated that my character should be based on doing things in excellence, not perfection. She went on to say that excellence covers our sins and blessings. So, my spiritual spotlight indicates that the flaw is to decrease my desire of pursuing perfection but to walk in my calling toward excellence.

Environmental Health

Living in an unhealthy environment for some people is a reality. The environment has developed a poor infrastructure system that has left families to live in areas where there are higher rates of crime. Some rural communities require them to travel 50 miles plus to receive medical care, mental health counseling, household products, and groceries. Other environmental flaws include; police brutality, abuse, self-harm, and traumatic events.

Families struggling with living in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Often do not have access to sanitary water. Lack of nutritional food tends to bring about obesity and comorbidity as well as mental health problems. Being under the spotlight brings about awareness to our community leaders. We may not see radical change right away but it is important to bring awareness of these issues.

Many people will believe that they are unable to achieve great things. This is not the case for all people. I was fortunate to view a social change during my travels to West Africa. I visited a country where poverty was rampant. I had the honor of meeting a man that told his story of how he became a social change agent. He went away to college, came back home and opened a business. He began to hire employees. He told me of one story where he hired a gentleman. Providing this job allowed his employee to purchase an affordable home. The husband also was able to put food on the table for his family.  

Therefore, the beauty of shining the spotlight on these social justice issues indicates bringing awareness to our community leaders, business icons, the entertainment industry, and the change-makers. It also allows us to help others. As a social advocate, it is important to use our voices and stand up for disparity issues that impact our communities.

Self-Discovery Health

I have had the privilege of hearing Desmond Tutu speak at major fundraising events. He stated that being a fundraiser is an honorable profession. He is a trailblazer and is doing amazing work. 

I am asking women from the globe to proclaim their equality and freedom. Your flaws have been exposed for others to see. Remember the spotlight helps us to see the small details.

The beauty of the small details reveals our true identity, it shows others that we represent boldness and courage to stand vulnerable before a group of people. We no longer have anything to hide. We need to believe that the flaws have been dimmed and serve as a building block for our true identity. Another revelation teaches us to be careful who we accept gifts from. Some individuals try to control as a ruler, not as a partner. I am tired of people telling me who to love, how to react, when to show emotion, what type of job to pursue, how to wear my hair, and keep silent to avoid an argument. The spotlight is beaming on the things that you have kept hidden. Now is the time to broadcast your identity. Begin with looking in the mirror and repeat the words that identify you daily. I will start by sharing my identity with you. 

In my life the spotlight has revealed that I am a woman of courage, I enjoy traveling, I am a busy bee, I possess qualities of a leader, a fierce lion that attacks their prey, procrastinator, caring, analytic, master questioner, advocate for social change, speaker, and I am dedicated to seeing others blossom and find their true calling. 

Remember you are MARVELOUS!

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